I Can Do This!: RVing where the Moose and the Caribou Play (Paperback)

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I Can Do This! traces the adventures of a newly married senior couple and their world traveler Chihuahua in a very large RV named Regina Victoria (sometimes as imperious as her namesake). The journey takes them through the wilds of Canada and Alaska as far north as the Arctic Ocean, ending eventually in Bagdad by the Bay (San Francisco). Somewhere between Moose Jaw (Canada) and Chicken (Alaska), the author, accustomed for 50 years to picking up the phone and calling for help, learns that he can do many things which he never would have thought possible. The mysteries of a huge diesel engine, arcane RV plumbing, leaks and squeaks, and mechanical bits that often went" bump in the night" were challenges to be overcome – often with humor and occasionally in sheer terror. Three highway trips on roads truly less travelled (and seldom paved) – the Dempster, the Denali, the Top of the World - provide major challenges with commensurate rewards. The story also details the conflict (and growth) between two very independent and strong-willed newly weds, both in recovery and learning about each other as they roll across Canada and wend their way north to the Beaufort Sea, then into Alaska, on through British Columbia, finishing Odyssey Part I on the Left Coast.

About the Author

Carl Rohne earned his PhD in Medieval History at USC, after which he taught at a Texas university. Later, he published technical communications articles, as well as pieces in historical anthologies. The author was senior technical editor for a large aerospace corporation on projects such as the Space Shuttle and the Hubble Telescope. He moved into health care automation, where he was a Product Support Manager responsible for supervising video and multimedia productions. Carl finally retired from a successful career as a real estate broker to begin his "travels with Sandra".
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ISBN: 9781098372200
ISBN-10: 1098372204
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: August 13th, 2021
Pages: 254
Language: English