No One Notices the Boys (Hardcover)

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Patients are dying in the hospital ward. Surely this isn't news. But to Mrs. Hudson, ill and dizzy from medication, the deaths—one patient, then another, and all of them women —seem sinisterly connected. Even if she's the only person who sees the connection.

Mary Watson knows just how she feels, though her focus is less on sick women than on missing boys—the skinny, grubby, poor ones that nobody wanted in the first place. Sherlock Holmes isn't interested in either issue; he and Dr. Watson have more important puzzles to solve. So once again, it is left to Mary and Mrs. Hudson to help the truly vulnerable, to draw lines between the dying women and the disappearing boys, and to follow those lines to their grim conclusion.

About the Author

Michelle Birkby wrote her first book at the age of seven. It was about a bunny rabbit, and the rabbit survived the book. Over the next thirty years, Michelle set her hand to fanfic, romance, science fiction, and ghost stories, and all these endeavors had one thing in common: At least one of the characters ended up dead. In the end, she yielded to the inevitable and started writing crime fiction, where she could scatter around as many dead bodies as she liked.Michelle's employment history has been similarly diverse. She has worked as a tour guide in a prophetess-cave, a library assistant, a film extra, and at McDonald's, and in her spare time she has acted, belly-danced, and had a lot of fun at sci-fi conventions. Her heart, however, has always been with stories—reading them, writing them, dreaming them up. These days she does most of her dreaming in London. She did at one point have a hamster called Boris, but that story did not end well (see above re: dead bodies), and these days she lives alone.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781631942440
ISBN-10: 1631942441
Publisher: Felony & Mayhem
Publication Date: December 14th, 2021
Pages: 276
Language: English