Hunting the Mail Order Murderer: A Bitter Wind Mystery (Hardcover)

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A lovely Filipino is found dead in the city park. The body of a Russian beauty is found lifeless in a run-down motel. The corpse of a gorgeous Eastern European is discovered in a park forty miles away. All strangled. All mail order brides. All connected. Somehow. Retired homicide detective Arn Anderson agrees to help his friend, reporter Ana Maria Villarreal, hunt for the killer. Their investigation takes them to the seedier side of life: the railyards of the Union Pacific; a shady international mail order bride business in Denver; motels Arn and Ana Maria would otherwise never be caught dead in... The suspects are many: an Iraq War vet with serious PTSD; a local businessman known to bring women into the country illegally on the pretense of marriage; the killer of a business couple in Denver years before; any local pervert with a desire to date exotic women. And murder them. Arn and Ana Maria better watch their backs-the killer knows they are getting close to uncovering him. Or her. And this killer will do what the killer has always done-whatever it takes to stay free to kill again. Which means Arn and Ana Maria might be the next victims...
Product Details
ISBN: 9781645993650
ISBN-10: 1645993655
Publisher: Encircle Publications, LLC
Publication Date: May 25th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English