Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two: Vancouver, British Columbia (Paperback)

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Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two-Vancouver, British Columbia is the second of four guidebooks designed to help Twilighters travel to Twilight-Saga-related sites. Book Two will lead you to recognizable Twilight Saga Film Sites located in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Below are just a few of them. Jacob Black's House The structures actually used for filming exterior scenes at Billy and Jacob's home still exist, and can be found in the Minnekhada Park region of Coquitlam, just northwest of Vancouver, BC. New Westminster-a suburb of Vancouver-is where several New Moon "Port Angeles" segments were shot, such as movie theater exterior scenes and Bella's dangerous motorcycle ride with a stranger. Eclipse footage of New-Born Vampires rampaging in "Seattle" (with the Volturi looking on) was filmed just down the street. In another Vancouver suburb-Richmond-you'll find the Gulf of Georgia Cannery dock. It was here that Victoria was filmed administering the fateful bite, causing Riley to writhe in agony as her venom began to course through his veins. Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two is the only travel guidebook you'll need to plan and enjoy the most Twilicious holiday possible No other single source-no Internet website or previously published guidebook-provides as much Twi-important information in one place. Even if you're not yet ready to embark upon a Twilight Saga trip, each Tour the Twilight Saga travel guidebook is fun to read. Nowhere else will you find such interesting information about every Twilight-related site. Visit the website to learn more about Tour the Twilight Saga travel guidebooks. Peruse the Table of Contents for all four books, download free samples of each book, and access the free TwiTips and travel supplements;
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ISBN: 9781938285233
ISBN-10: 1938285239
Publisher: Novel Holiday
Publication Date: July 28th, 2015
Pages: 236
Language: English